They steal remains of one of America's first humans

They steal remains of one of America's first humans

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One of the first humans to inhabit America has been stolen and archaeologists want it back. The skeleton, which has probably 10,000 years, has disappeared from a cenote, an underground water reservoir, in the Peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico.

In response, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico City has hung posters of 'Wanted' in supermarkets, bakeries and dive shops around the nearby city of Tulum. They are also considering taking legal actionsto retrieve the remains.

Cenote where the skeleton was found

The missing bones belong to the skeleton called Young from Chan Hol II, discovered in 2010. In the cenote in which it was found it had been discovered in 2006 another 10,000 year old skeleton, the Young of Chan Hol.

The first discovery has anatomical features that suggest a common past with Indonesians and South Asians. Other skeletons found in cenotes in the area with similar characteristics could be from about 14,000 years ago. These findings imply that not all early americans were from north asia. This offers a new push to the idea that the Clovis crossed the old land bridge between Siberia and Alaska and were the first to colonize America. The Clovis culture dates back about 13,000 years.

Both skeletons were buried at a time when the sea level was much lower than it is today and the cenote, now 8 meters underwater, was dry. Archaeologists have also found remains of elephants, giant sloths and other animals in caves, which indicate what ancient humans ate.

INAH researchers have learned of the progressive theft of specimens from the cenotesBut they lack the resources to protect the hundreds of sites that abound on the peninsula.

New Scientist

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