They find more than 2,500 archaeological pieces in Portugalete

They find more than 2,500 archaeological pieces in Portugalete

In the old town of Portugalete, History has finally come to light. An archaeological excavation, requested by the Portugalete Town Hall To begin building on two sites in the historic center, it has uncovered more than 2,500 archaeological pieces that date, according to experts, from the 13th to the 19th centuries.

The pieces are the most diverse, finding among them multiple ceramic objects, copper fragments from pots and other household utensils, pipes, knives and even cannon ammunition.

This archaeological treasure was found under the foundations of Coscojales street, going unnoticed for centuries until recent prospecting. The Portugalete city council has a special protocol, which is activated in those places, which, like the old town, have the possibility of hiding archaeological remains. Thus, before starting any foundation operation, a survey is required to check whether or not there is any element of historical value in the subsoil.

On this occasion the result of the aforementioned protocol has been positive and archaeological pieces have been rescued that, although they do not stand out for their great value, help to understand the way of life of the people of the 18th and 19th centuries. Even knowing how those men and women lived the period of the Carlist wars (the cannon ammunition found probably belongs to this period).

The Portugalete Town Hall wanted to clarify that the finding will not prevent in any way the pursuit of the urbanization plan. The archaeological remains will be recovered in their entirety, analyzed and made available to the public in a local museum, continuing the construction works when it is found that there are no more archaeological remains on the ground. Without a doubt, a way of acting that is civic, responsible and committed to culture.

In the wake of news like this, the old saying that history can never be silenced, gains new strength.

Image: Portugalete Town Hall

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