They find a funerary tomb from the 10th century in Peru

They find a funerary tomb from the 10th century in Peru

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Experts from Heinrich Bruning National Museum of Archeology and Ethnography They have found the tomb of a dignitary belonging to the Lambayeque culture of the 10th century, in the north of Peru, explained project director Carlos Wester La Torre to EFE.

After five years of excavations in the archaeological complex of Chotuna-Chornancap, the group of archaeologists discovered “the first level of the tomb of a dignitary, a member of the local elite, from the first millennium AD.Wester said.

In the grave a kind of six square meter layer that was used in the funerary ritual of the culture Lambayeque, decorated with an iconography showing the “anthropomorphic wave”And circles, two recurring themes in the art of this culture.

Under the cloak and in a prone position, human remains were found, about four meters deep.
Also found at the site were ceramic offerings, a pectoral with 21 copper bells and a copper and silver template, as well as a 55 cm square flag, a copper death mask and a copper and silver crown.

The discovery is part of a series of burials that archaeologists have documented and that would be an architectural complex destined to be a little palace.

Source: IANS

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