Stone ducks discovered at Stonehenge

Stone ducks discovered at Stonehenge

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At Vespasian's camp, near Stonehenge, an archaeological find has been made that is rather a treasure: two carved ducks, plus a ceremonial dagger and an accumulation of 5,550 stones and tools.

All these discoveries were made by archeology students at the Open University, led by Professor David Jacqes.

The team has also uncovered animal bones and the remains of a fire believed to be evidence of a great feast in the Mesolithic era.

The oldest piece is dated to around 6,250 BC, 3,000 years before work began on Stonehenge.

It is hoped that the findings will increase the understanding of what that area was used for before the construction of stones that we all know from the place.

In the case of the carved ducks, they are dated to 700 BC. and they are believed to be the oldest carved figures discovered in Britain up to this time.

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