7,000-year-old settlement found in Dardanelles

7,000-year-old settlement found in Dardanelles

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A prehistoric settlement has been found in Dardanelles, according to a statement from the Trojan excavation chief, Associate Professor Rüstem Aslan.

We have found a prehistoric settlement dating back to 5,000 BC. However, there is only 5% of itAslan said. The team examined archeology from the Dardanelles coast to the city of Çanakkale: “The coastal excavations had been completed but around Bozköy this has appeared to us in an unexpected way”.

The settlement is 2,000 years older than Troy"Aslan expressed, adding that"We know that almost all settlements over 5,000 years old were established on the high plateaus, and this discovery gives us important clues as to why people did that, to prevent the rise and fall of the sea”.

Aslan said it was the first time such a settlement has been found in Dardanelles and there is no information about it on maps or documents. "We can call this place a lost city”, He sentenced.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

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