First Greek settlement found in Bulgaria

First Greek settlement found in Bulgaria

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A team of archaeologists led by Kristina Panayotova found on the island of St. Kirik, off the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the city of Sozopol, the remains of the first settlement in the area of Apollonia.

The first settlers arrived in the area from the Greek city of Miletus at the end of the 7th century BC, according to the statement offered by the Bulgarian National Radio`s (BNR), where the finds were also mentioned, including a building that would have been a metallurgical workshop and two very well-preserved streets, one of which led to the sacred ground of Apollonia.

The Apollonia settlement, predecessor of present-day Sozopol, was the oldest of its kind in the country. "The other Greek colonies along the Black Sea (Odessus, Messambria, Dionisópolis and Byzone), settled later, in the present areas of Varna, Nessebur, Balchik and Kavarna”Said Panayotova.

The find on the island of St. Kirik gives a glimpse of the only truly ancient Greek colony in Bulgaria”, He added.

Various instruments were found during the excavation, including fishing tools and loom weights, as well as bronze arrowheads. In addition, evidence of religious rituals performed in honor of the goddesses Demeter and Persephone was found, including small jugs, amphoras, and ceramic figures.

These rituals were performed in the area from the 6th to 3rd centuries BC, allowing archaeologists to trace a chronology with the different types of pottery and terracotta figures.

In October this year, the Panayotova team will return to the site for further investigation.

Source: Sofia echo

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