42 bodies of children of the Chimú culture of 800 years old found

42 bodies of children of the Chimú culture of 800 years old found

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During an excavation in the fishing town of Huanchaquito, Trujillo, in Peru, archaeologists have discovered the remains of 42 children and 74 camelids that would have been slaughtered approximately 800 years ago.

Oscar Gabriel Prieto, Archaeologist in charge of the project, said that the human and animal remains "are part of a massive sacrifice that are part of a religious ceremony of the pre-Inca culture, Chimú, who lived in the region."

This culture ruled the north coast of Peru from 850 BC, until its fall under the Inca Empire, around the year 1470. Also called Chimor, they worshiped the Moon and had the custom of sacrificing their young children at the age of five for the fertility of the oceans and the Earth.

In 1977, about 200 skeletal remains belonging to the Chimú culture were unearthed on a beach in the country, but this is the first time that the individual bodies have been found, the archaeologist told Reuters.

This represents the most important discovery related to human and animal sacrifices of the Chimú culture, in terms of the number of individual bodies found.”Prieto said.

Source: ibtimes
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