Documentary about the civilization of Caral

Documentary about the civilization of Caral

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A civilization that arouses great interest in the archaeological community (and Historians, among other specialists), it is Caral, the first Andean civilization only comparable with Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, India and Mesoamerica for being one of the first cultures in the whole world, with its 5,000 years old.

Their constructions have nothing to envy the great Egyptian pyramids, in fact they also built them and these buildings are precisely the reason why this civilization of Caral is distinguished from the others.

¿What mysteries does it hold? There is still much to know about this culture, mainly how they did to make such constructions that, to this day, we know that they were the center of their activities used only by the curacas, the rulers.

Therefore, to learn a little more about this fascinating culture, we leave you a BBC documentary, subtitled in Spanish, and thus delve into one of the most important civilizations in History.

Documentary about Caral

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