Divers and archaeologists try to recover objects from the Lusitania

Divers and archaeologists try to recover objects from the Lusitania

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A team of divers and archaeologists will try today to recover a series of objects from the remains of the Lusitania, the ship sunk by a German submarine in 1915, where 1,200 lives were lost.

Two ships, divers and two archaeologists are involved in the operation, where it is expected to be able to recover the telemotor and a series of telegraphs, whose needles would indicate what state the engine was in when the ship was sunk.

Gregg Bemis, the American billionaire who has owned the ship since 1968, has already spent at least 5 million euros, trying to find out if the passenger ship was carrying ammunition.

Last month, a team led by him cut through the hull of the ship in an attempt to discover what caused the second explosion of the passenger ship that is currently 100 meters under the sea.

Source: RTE News

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