What is the Industrial Revolution?

What is the Industrial Revolution?

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In the second half of the 18th century I know starts in England what we know as Industrial Revolution, which would later be transferred to other European countries and which consisted of a profound transformation of the systems and structure of work, leaving aside the manual to move to machines, and moving from workshops to factories.

This revolution is the largest after the Neolithic and it implied a total change not only in work, but in mentality and in society as a whole.

The peasants left their fields, specialized people like engineers appeared, and the proletariat emerged with great force, people who work on machinery that they did not own. Gone are the old workshops and artisans, moving to a much more complex organization.

It goes from the villages to the large metropolises, and from the dozens of workers in a workshop to the hundreds who will do it in large factories, but the most important thing is the continuous movement, since each change brings another with it, and so on until our days.

By way of conclusion, and how we can find it in the book "Contemporary History, by Antonio Fernández”, the industrial Revolution is a process of constant change and continuous growth, in which techniques (machines), theoretical discoveries (science), capitals and social transformations, accompanied by a agriculture revolution that allows the displacement of a part of the peasant masses to the cities.

Here is the link to the causes of the Industrial Revolution and of course, the consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

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