Medieval church found in Bulgaria

Medieval church found in Bulgaria

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A team of Bulgarian archaeologists together with British students has discovered a 13th century church in Cherven, a town south of Ruse (Bulgaria), an important medieval fortress during the Second Bulgarian Empire (from 1185 to 1396) that was destroyed during the Ottoman conquest.

According to the team leader, archaeologist Stoyan Yordanov of the Ruse History Museum, it was destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt shortly after Bulgaria fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1400. However, the church only functioned for a few years and passed to be covered with gravel.

Archaeologists found a four-line inscription on its walls that has yet to be deciphered.
The existence of this church has been known since the summer of 2010 and its discovery occurred 15 years after the last Christian temple discovered in Cherven.

The medieval city of Cherven used to be a key commercial and military center between the 12th and 14th centuries, very important for the Bulgarian nobility and the seat of a Bishopric. It was conquered by the Ottoman Turkish Empire in 1388 and used as an administrative center by the conquerors, but was later abandoned.

The first excavations in Cherven were carried out in 1910-11 by the renowned Bulgarian historian Vasil Zlatarski, and his findings have been key to the study of life in Bulgaria during the Middle Ages.

Source: Novinite
Image: Plamen Stoev on Flickr

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