Roman statues found in Tlos

Roman statues found in Tlos

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Excavations in the ancient city of Tlos, in the Mugla Fethiye district (Turkey), have yielded results and have found several sculptures of the Roman emperors Hadrian, Antonio Pio and his daughter Faistinaminor, Marcus Aurelius, as well as of the goddess Isis as reported by Taner Korkut, an archaeologist leading the investigation.

In addition, the excavation, which is carried out with a team of 40 people and 36 workers, has uncovered remains of sculptures and archaeological pieces that are dated at more than 10,500 years.

Taking note of the Carbon14 tests the researchers conducted, Korkut said “a few years earlier we have discovered objects dating back 2,700 years. However, the last ones are more than 10,500 years old, which allows us to know information about what life was like for the ancient inhabitants of the region.”.

We must remember that Tlos was in ancient times, the center of the Lycian civilization.

In September and October, the team will also excavate the old city center.Korkut said. The remains will be included in Mugla's geographic information system, which allows everyone to access information about the ancient city.

Other important discoveries that have been made in the region were the rock tombs of the Acropolis, the stadium area, the sanctuary of Kronos, the basilica of the city and the tower of the theater.

Source:Hurriyet Daily News

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