Amateur archaeologists excavate a Roman fort near Tebay

Amateur archaeologists excavate a Roman fort near Tebay

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A group of amateur archaeologists have blazed new trails in an ancient Roman fortress in Cumbria, in the Tebay Gorge, and have so far found walls, remains of an old central heating system and a giant arrowhead from an artillery crossbow. .

The week of excavation has also raised new questions about a building that had been thought to be a public toilet, or so archaeologists believe, which are based on the type of soil discovered. Joseph Jackson of the Vindolanda Foundation, who has been watching the progress, said that “in the past the site has been designated as a bathhouse but we are still in doubt about it”.

It is certainly a high-ranking building. We can assure it by the walls and concrete that we have discovered so far", he claimed.

The team had to seek permission from the Secretary of State before beginning work on the planned site, a site where the last excavation had been carried out in 1883 by the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archeological Society.

Source: BBC

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