Prehistoric human dwellings found in Sri Lanka

Prehistoric human dwellings found in Sri Lanka

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Professor Raj Somadeva of Kelaniya University's Postgraduate Institute of Archeology says excavations at Haldummulla, Badulla district, have led to the discovery of the oldest human dwellings identified on the island so far.

The archaeological site of Koswatta (in the town of Haldummulla), is located 850 meters above sea level, being the highest ground where prehistoric human dwellings have been reported. Archaeologists have recovered the bases of four houses and believe that under the ground, they could find them complete.

The excavations began last year and is currently in the second phase, which will be completed in the next two weeks. Many red ceramic pieces, clay beads and various metal utensils have been other discoveries in the area.

Source: Colombo Page

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