Archaeologists believe there is a burial chamber under the Bosnian Pyramids

Archaeologists believe there is a burial chamber under the Bosnian Pyramids

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A thorough and thorough investigation with ground radars, probed along the Ravne tunnel, which runs along the so-called "Bosnian pyramids”, Has revealed a geometric anomaly located 4.5 meters deep that could be, according to speculations of archaeologists, a tomb with two chambers.

The rhomboidal structure seems to be composed of two or more superimposed rooms, built with stone slabs joined by a surrounding structure, in addition to various drainage works.

The geo-radar also detected a nearby layer of disturbed sediment that archaeologists believe is evidence of a looting attempt made in ancient times.

An analysis with fiber optics will allow entering the structure and thus determine if it was really made by man.

Source: ArcheoRivista

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