Stolen Byzantine icons return to Greece

Stolen Byzantine icons return to Greece

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A total of 10 highly valuable Byzantine icons stolen from the villages of Koukouli Zagoriu and Samarina were discovered by a Greek collector who recognized them in the auction catalogs of the Temple Gallery in Amsterdam and London, and will be returned to Greece, adding to the six icons discovered six months ago.

The owners of the Temple Gallery in London revealed that a 40-year-old businessman working in the tourism industry in Trikala had sold the icons claiming they belonged to his family.

They also stated that this was not the first time they had made a purchase from him, although they had never had problems with the previous objects.

When the British newspaper The Guardian published an article about the stolen icons, the Gallery has decided to examine the origin of the 30 additional icons they have collected, so it would not be surprising if we hear again on this subject.

Source: greekreporter

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