12th century chess piece discovered in Iceland

12th century chess piece discovered in Iceland

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An ancient chess piece made from fish bones and dated between the 12th and 13th centuries, was one of the objects found in an archaeological expedition in Siglunes (Iceland). The leader of the expedition, Birna Lárusdóttir, believes that it is most likely that the piece was cut in the territory on the dates indicated.

The group found remains of fishermen's camps in the area, which at this time are in danger of destruction because of the waves that break on that coast of the country.

Silunges is the farm of Thormódur rammi, the first settler in Siglufjördur, according to Landnama, the Book of Settlements in Iceland.

In addition to the chess piece, the team found a bone comb and game dice. In addition, some whale and fish bones were discovered, which gives the idea of ​​fishing and feeding of the inhabitants of the area.

The chess piece wears helmet and weapons, making the discovery a little more curious.

Source: Icelandreview

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