Etruscan sacred site found in Italy

Etruscan sacred site found in Italy

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Italian archaeologists claim to have discovered a sacred site where the Etruscans worshiped their gods and they burned objects in his honor 3,000 years ago. The site is located on Mount Cimino, near Viterbo 50 km north of Rome.

Led by Professor Andrea Cardaelli, from the La Sapienza University of Rome, a group of archaeologists have carried out excavations at the top of the mount for the last three years.

A series of materials related to the cult fires they were found, being "clear evidence of offerings," Cardaelli explained. "Religious activities 1,000 years before Christ, were carried out through fire”, He explained, adding that“ the offerings were burned for the Gods and could be sacred objects, food or animals ”.

The discovery is said to be one of the most important in the early history of the Lazio region.

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