They discover a mosaic of Apollo from the 1st century

They discover a mosaic of Apollo from the 1st century

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During excavations in the bowels of an ancient Roman hill, it has appeared on a wall, in a very good state of preservation, a mosaic with the figure of Apollo naked, except for a colored mantle on his shoulder, which may date from the late 1st century.

Archaeologists and city officials released the find on Friday at the Oppio Hill. The mosaic, found on a wall, is 16 meters wide and at least two meters high, although officials think the wall continues for an additional eight meters.

Archaeologists say the wall appears to be in a tunnel built to aid the Trajan's Baths, so named after the Emperor who ruled from 98 to 117.

A muse is also represented in the mosaic and apparently it adorned a room where the upper class of Rome gathered to listen to music and talk about art.

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