Exhibition «Teotihuacán: City of the Gods», in Caixa Fórum Madrid

Exhibition «Teotihuacán: City of the Gods», in Caixa Fórum Madrid

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For 800 years (since the 2nd century BC. to VII AD.), Teotihuacán was the cultural, political and religious center of a powerful civilization. Located 45 kilometers from Mexico City, the city, which became the sixth largest in the world in its time, is now one of the great archaeological wonders, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

The exhibition “Teotihuacán: city of the gods" in Caixa Forum Madrid, being the most complete that has been dedicated to this culture. The sample consists of 400 pieces, where we can see true masterpieces discovered in this pre-Hispanic city in more than a century of archaeological excavations.

The outstanding objects, which include some large pieces, show refinement and a cosmopolitan spirit, open to the most important cultures in Central America at the time. Visitors will be able to discover this great city through exhibits that illustrate the most outstanding aspects of Teotihuacan culture: ideology, power, art, society, religion, war, traditions, daily life and influence of other pre-Hispanic civilizations.

It includes murals, stone sculptures, statues carved in obsidian, ceramics, sumptuous pre-Hispanic masks, jewelry, figures that represent animals of importance in their mythology such as jaguars and snakes, among other things.

All the pieces in the sample were found in excavations carried out in the 20th century and recent finds in the Xalla Palace, north of the Pyramid of the Sun. The highlight is the Great Jaguar of Xalla, a sculpture discovered just a few years ago, which retains much of its polychrome finish, and the disk called "Death", a stone sculpture that alludes to the mysterious end of the ancients of that civilization.

The sample is organized according to the structure designed by the Archaeologist Felipe Solís, curator of the exhibition and a leading authority on the pre-Hispanic world, who died before the first exhibition that opened in Monterrey. In order to offer visitors a complete vision of Teotihuacan culture, in the six sections, the works of art will be offered along with the objects of daily use.

Teotihuacán: City of the Gods”, Is organized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History and is presented at Caixa Forum Madrid, as part of a world tour that the program has taken, taking it to other European cities such as Paris, Berlin and Rome, attracting more than 350,000 visitors.

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