Thracian tomb found in Bulgaria

Thracian tomb found in Bulgaria

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Gold and bronze figures of ancient Thrace They were found by archaeologists in the city of Opaka, Turgovishte district, in northeastern Bulgaria, the private channel bTV reported yesterday 23 June.

During the excavations of the park's grave, Scientists found a Thracian burial mound from the 2nd century AD. full of rich funerary artifacts. The site produced unique discoveries: six leaves of a gold crown and bronze statuettes, proving by other evidence that the city of Opeka in northeastern Bulgaria was of great importance.

The man buried here must have been a prominent and wealthy Thracian public figure as these figures are placed only in their graves.”, Commented the Archaeologist and Historian Stamen stanev, from the Popovo History Museum.

The body was burned in the grave, but the funerary objects around it were well preserved: glass, bronze, ceramic and gold. Archaeologists believe that these objects were imported from abroad, as they were not frequent in the region. They will be restored and transferred to a museum.

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