Kerala Temple Treasure Chambers to Open

Kerala Temple Treasure Chambers to Open

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Two secret chambers of the Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple will be opened at the end of this month by a special panel in order to make an inventory of their assets stored by former rulers of Travancore. Rumor has it that there are precious stones and jewelry in abundance.

The panel will consist of two retired judges from the Kerala High Court, who have been appointed as observers by the High Court. In addition, Secretary General K. Jayakumar will attend as State representative, an official of no lower rank than the deputy director of the central archeology department and a person designated by the Travancore Palace”Said the temple official Hari Kumar, who will also be part of the team.

This delegation will act on a request from Kerala in January, when it requested that the State take over the administration of the temple, in addition to requesting the inventory. The sanctuary is currently run by a trust established by the royal family. Temple devotees opposed these measures why "they only disturb the peace in the temple, which was being managed efficiently by the trust”.

In the appeal they filed, the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on who should take over the temple, but it did give the go-ahead to do the inventory.

S. Suresh, who runs the Sri Padmanabhaswami, said that "the sanctuary is closely linked to the royal family of Travancore and in turn to the state capital. According to legend, the ancient king of Travancore Marthanda Varma he had dedicated the state and all its wealth to the deity and ruled as "Padmanabha Dasa” (Padmanabha server), which is why it earned the name of Perumal ”.

The kings of Travancore had transferred the riches to the secret chambers, which had been designed to protect against the British. "This is the story, but we don't know if it's true until it opens its doors”Kumar added. We must emphasize that the temple has six hidden chambers, of which only these two remain open.

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