UNESCO visits Karbala to assess historical sites

UNESCO visits Karbala to assess historical sites

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A delegation from the UNESCO will visit the archaeological sites of Karbala in order to be assess whether they can be recognized as World Heritage. The United Nations agency is also expected to provide funds for their protection.

The Vice President of the Karbala Provincial Council, Nassif Jassem al-Khutabi, told AKnews that the delegation will visit the Church of Qasier, one of the oldest in the Middle East, the fortress of Ujaidir, dating from the Abbasid era (more than 1000 years ago) and the Neolithic caves of al-Tar, among others.

There are more than 80 archaeological sites waiting to be included within the protected spaces of UNESCO”, Commented al-Khutabi. “The delegation expressed its desire to cooperate with the local government to provide a safe environment for foreign tourists to visit these sites.”, He added.

Most of these areas were looted due to the lack of fences. They have also been damaged by changing weather conditions. We ask that archaeological sites be given more importance, as they constitute an important financial resource for the country.”, He concluded.

Karbala (or Kerbala) is a desert province located southwest Baghdad (Iraq).

Source and Image: AKnews

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