2,000-year-old tomb found in Turkey

2,000-year-old tomb found in Turkey

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Workers on a Turkish highway in the city of Kutahya, they unexpectedly bumped into a 2000 year old grave. They also found the skeleton's shoes and socks.

Metin Turktuzun, Museum Director, said burial chambers were found more than 2,000 years old. "We have found a lot of pottery, china plates and jugs of water. The history of Kutahya dates back to very ancient periods, making it a very rich city in terms of its past.", he claimed.

It was also noted that the tomb has two rooms with walls that feature red paintings. “After passing the main structure (the burial one), you enter a small wooden room with a practically square structure being 3 meters long by 2.5 wide and 4 meters high.”, He concluded.

Source: World bulletin

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