There is a staircase with Mayan hieroglyphs

There is a staircase with Mayan hieroglyphs

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In the archaeological zone of El Palmar, in Mexico, a group of archaeologists has found a mayan staircase with hieroglyphs, a unique place to be found on the outskirts of the main center of the city.

This discovery is very important because of the thousands of Mayan sites that have been found, only 20 are stairs with these characteristics and of these, only very few have survived in good condition due to time, looters and the actions of looters.

¿How could this building be saved? Once the Mayan classical periodBetween 300 and 900 AD, there was a dramatic period of decline known as "collapse”, In which the populations to the left of the great centers, as well as the monumental constructions, ceased.

When the population returned to inhabit these cities, the classic structures, such as this staircase, were recycled for a new construction. This one in particular, being so distant from the center, was able to survive the reconstruction, remaining in good condition and most importantly, legible.

The ladder was found for the first time in 2009 but only now could it be completely unearthed, especially considering that it was covered by soil and plants that grow on them.

The pyramidal structure that supports the staircase was built 7 or 8 centuries BC., and a few decades later a total of 90 blocks with hieroglyphs were added, creating a staircase that led to a temple at the top of the pyramid.

¿What the hieroglyphs say? They are still being unveiled, but it is known that they commemorate the visit of two rulers of the main capitals of the Classic Maya period: Calakmul and Copán. In addition, a large number of interesting objects were found such as vases, the burial of a man with jade inlays on his teeth, vases and other human remains.

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