They find a mural of Henry VIII

They find a mural of Henry VIII

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A couple were preparing to renovate their home, once owned by the Tudors, when they found a huge mural depicting King Henry VIII. This discovery dazzled researchers as there were no original paintings or portraits of it left, since the last known was in Whitehall Palace, but it was lost when a fire destroyed it in 1698.

How did the mural get there? To begin with, say that it was painted around the 16th century and belonged to the house of the Tudor family chaplain, Thomas cramer, whom the king appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1532 and on May 23, 1533 he made his first great decision, annulled the king's marriage to Catherine of Aragon, which allowed Enrique to marryAnne Boleyn.

«Cramer could have done it as a tribute to Henry VIII«, Expressed Michael Liversidge, the former Head of the Department of History at the University of Bristol, adding that it is'a discovery of enormous importance and significance«.

The BBC page has published a video about the mural, in addition to having images of this important discovery.

Image: BBC

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Video: Portrait of Henry VIII


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