Six 3rd century statues found in a Roman Villa

Six 3rd century statues found in a Roman Villa

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In the Roman neighborhood of Anagnina, archaeologists have carried out the most important discovery in Rome in recent years, six statues from the 3rd century BC, of which five would represent the members of the imperial family of the Severos, and the sixth would be a bust of Zeus, the latter is a life-size natural nude. In addition, they found a bust on a pillar that belongs to archaic Greek.

The Ministry issued a statement in which it expresses the "extraordinary"Discovery,"one of the largest and most important in the recent history of the Italian capital, shedding light on housing conditions in the suburbs during the imperial period”.

It should be noted that this neighborhood was, in ancient times, the countryside, and that this is located in a villa in which the powerful of Rome were retiring and all these archaeological treasures would belong to an imperial official, as the experts assured.

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